I bought a 1969 Porsche 911 less than two months ago. Here are a few things that have gone wrong:


  1. The front calipers were stuck with corroded pistons. Replaced pistons, resurfaced calipers and resealed.
  2. It seeps oil between the two halves of the crankcase. Not really fixable without a $15,000+ rebuild. Living with it.
  3. The oil filler cap leaks a tiny amount of oil, but it drips it onto the exhaust so once every drive a giant white puff of smoke pours out of the car for about five seconds.
  4. The differential leaked oil from old seals. Replacing the seals involved finding a rare bolt that stretches during use, which is no longer available anywhere.
  5. The hand throttle – a little lever that makes the idle higher to warm up the car – broke.
  6. The heater doesn’t work because a tube that connects it is missing.
  7. The tubes connecting the washer jets are corroded and disconnected.
  8. The temperature gauge light bulb is out.
  9. The ring gear of that connects the starter to the flywheel was wearing funny. Replaced flywheel.
  10. The starter bearing was broken and hopping around. That explains the ring gear! Replaced the starter.
  11. The vapor recovery system was leaking gas fumes into the trunk. Replaced with simpler system.
  12. Ripped out old wooden floorboards that were rattling.
  13. Apparently those floor boards keep the pedals from over-traveling. Replaced floorboards and over-stretched clutch cable.
  14. Clutch cable had too much travel. Removed engine and transmission, and rebuilt entire throwout mechanism.
  15. Windshield seal was old and leaks water into the cabin. Replaced seal.
  16. Windshield broke while replacing seal. Replaced windshield.
  17. Rebuilt brakes leaked fluid which melted paint on wheels. Cause of leak unknown. Resealed brakes (again) and repainted wheels.
  18. Stereo was non-functional and damaged dash during it’s installation during the 80s. Removed stereo and dashboard speaker.
  19. Dashboard speaker apparently keeps outside air inside the dash cavity and now speaker grill flies off at high speeds.
  20. Removed aftermarket door speakers that were drilled into door trim. Closed holes with black duct tape.
  21. Wire popped loose from former-owner-installed starter relay. Towed to mechanic to reattach wire.
  22. Starter relay wiring melted from high engine temps in stop-and-go traffic. Towed to mechanic and relocated the relay to remove excess wiring.
  23. Low rev performance far worse than expected. Replaced original ignition system with electronic system.
  24. Fan belt damaged. Replaced fan belt.
  25. Loose door trim caused door lock to stick. One of my keys tore in half trying to unlock the car. Bought new hardware to secure door trim, and replaced a key.
  26. Rear view mirror fell off. Twice.

Still rad tho.


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